Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lackluster Co.

New favorite Etsy find: Lackluster Co. out of Lancaster, PA. This seller has seriously some of the most gorgeous antiques and industrial decor I've ever seen. BEAUTIFUL pieces. Take a look! Above are some of my favorites so paws off kids. Especially those nautical flags!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Can I live with you, Sheryl?

Anyone see Sheryl Crow's spread in Elle magazine that features her NYC loft? It's incredible. Let's even forget for the moment, shall we, how HUGE it is... the decor alone is enough to swoon over. LOVE her style... (or her stylist's style). Thank you, Mom, for the tip on this post.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Night Lights

Now I'm craving a backyard BBQ... great. I think whenever you use this kind of lighting for a summer party, it guarantees the best environment. Makes me happy. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sol Linero

Through my job, I'm fortunate enough to be sent new artist and designer work on a daily basis from reps around the world. Today I had the privilege of viewing Sol Linero's portfolio. This Buenos Aires designer has some of the most charming and whimsical designs I've seen to date. I love it! View some more of her animations and prints here, and click to where you can buy some of her work. I adore her alphabet chart. Now I know what I'M getting my friends when they start having babies!

Antique Botanical Prints

I grew up in a house with loads of botanical prints. More or less because my mother's flowers and gardens were an extension of our family... so why not frame pictures of their ancestors?! Regardless, I love them. Simple elegance, with a hint of learning. My favorites are the kind that tell you the scientific name of the plants, like "Paeoniaceae"... Peony. Or "Taraxacum"... Dandelion.


For me, it used to be New York. Then it was DEFINITELY Philly. Now I'm teetering back and forth between the two. Seattle is pretty spectacular too though. I think I'll just have to visit all of them before I come to my conclusion. Which is your favorite US Skyline?
(From Top: Mariners, Giants, Phillies, Yanks, Cubs, RedSox, Braves)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Amazing work being done through BCXSY. Check out this Coiled collection from Editions in Craft (EiC) in collaboration with the Siyazama Project. Making art from simple, culturally and locally relevant materials. Beautiful.


My dear friend Summer is back. This post is for you.
(Photos courtesy of Irene Suchocki)

A Haiku...

My friends, I'm sorry.
I've been slacking immensely.
I'm back now for good.