Friday, December 11, 2009


Playing hookie to go see this in January. Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I've been a busy girl. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best Day Ever!

That's right... TBS just started from the beginning last night! Season 1 of The Office! I can't wait until next Tuesday! Apologies for the break from the norm, but I was just too excited.

Tiled Walls & Backsplashes

One of my most favorite decorative trends. Tile backsplashes in kitchens are one of the most beautiful design choices I have seen. Whether using patterned tiles to accent a wall color, or using a mosaic as the centerpiece to a room, the tiled backsplash is both stylish and practical (thanks J!). And if you're the kind of cook I am, a mess is bound to happen. So instead of staining any of your walls while cooking, all these backdrops need is a wipe down.

Just recently I ate at La Focaccia in the West Village (great place!) with my favorite people, and they have the most beautiful blue pattern tiled wall in their kitchen. It was really quite striking and gave the restaurant such a nice feel. I was so happy to see this picture on Apartment Therapy! I got this picture as well as a few others from Apartment Therapy and Bungalow Bliss.

Handmade Leather Phone Case

Reason enough to buy an iPhone! Too bad I don't own one. Do we think the Droid would fit in this? I hope so. Take a peak on etsy and pick out yours!

Gift Tags

'Tis the season... and what a cute way to "craft" up your gifts this year. These gift tags from the Sesame Letter Press Shop are such an adorable idea. The silhouetted tags add a lot of style to any wrapped gift. And if DIY is more your style, you can pick up these tags at any Office Depot or Staples to design and decorate yourself.

Servant Bells

My aunt and cousin's recent adventures in England were the inspiration for this post. While hopping around Stonehenge, Castle Combe and Bath, they were able to stop by the Cliveden House. Inside, my cousin snapped a gorgeous shot of these antique servant bells. They're so cool and authentic looking and I wanted to share. My aunt is a big antique buff, so I did a little research to see if I could find some vendors that supply similar bells. Take a look. It would be such an interesting piece for her collection.

Baroque Bookshelves

I love these interesting bookshelves. Whether they're installed into or onto your walls, they're a great way to utilize space without needing a big bulky bookshelf. I'm a fan. Click here to purchase.