Friday, April 29, 2011

Spoiler Alert!

There were TWO smooches for all you West Coasters who missed the LIVE showing. Ahhhh this makes me SO happy! And yes I was up at 5AM to watch it. And yes I cried, clapped and cheered "Yay!!" several times at my TV. What a happy, happy day! And the happiness continues on within the walls of Ogilvy today... walking through the front doors this morning, they've hung a giant British flag up in honor of the happy couple. Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Amex Fun

One of the cutie Amex animations I've been producing. This puppy is just a small piece of the major launch we're tackling and shipped yesterday. Enjoy!

Collection A Day

Above are some snapshots from the amazing San Francisco artist Lisa Congdon's "Collection A Day" project from last year. For the 365 days of 2010, Lisa artfully captured collections, whether by photograph, illustration, paint... you name it. She documented her work through a blog, and has now compiled the project more recently into a book. And even more exciting, she's selling some of her prints through Etsy! The top plastic yarn bobbins image was the collection from my birthday last year. Enjoy.


Welp... there goes my savings. 20x200 will now be the recipient of all of my money. You can pick prints out by color. BY COLOR! And I am in LOVE with their blog. Chock full of good ideas. Don Carney's whale print will be my first purchase. Happy Almost Friday!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Iron Curtain Press

FINALLY! A greeting card printing company that speaks my language! Seriously though, I feel like they've embossed my entire daily vernacular. Buy these happy little cards here.

Grey is GREAT

Thinking about painting my living room grey and needed some inspiration. I'm loving the stark white trim look with the grey walls, with hints of color accents throughout the room. My problem is I get marks and scuffs on my white walls from everyday wear and tear, so the grey will cover, yet still enhance the walls nicely. Plus, it's a new year in the apartment. Need a fresh change. And while we're at it... grey or gray? Can someone please set the records straight for me? Happy Tuesday peeps!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunnies?

More like Easter Manny and an Easter Monkey! My playmates for the weekend.

Lonny Magazine

Well first things first, having Lonny Magazine in my life... GAME CHANGER. This bi-monthly mag will seriously become a new ritual for me. Their 'about us' page alone has me searching for their Job Opportunities link : "At Lonny, we believe in making design choices that lead to personal happiness. We value individual style and independent thinking, and are convinced that inspired design can be achieved anywhere—from the smallest studio apartment to the grandest estate." Above are some images from a Lonny piece on Colleen Locke's Cape Cod home. Her home is part of a series in the March/April edition, and of all the homes, truly spoke to me the most. I'm a sucker for post and beam, so naturally this home is my heaven. I'd love to tag along with Colleen on one of her vintage binge fests, or even just live in her store. Either/or would work. That overhead shot of the living room with the old school arcade games in the back... simply parfait!

New Toms!

New Toms for Tina = Happy Days! Let the spring and summer weather commence. I hope I'm starting to reach Gold Star Platinum level with the amount of shoes I've bought from Sir Tom this past year - or Mycoskie rather.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Love this. Well done Ogilvy team!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Heart Cali

Here for the week and super happy about it. Print courtesy of ParadaCreations.

Artwork by Louise Fili

Do you guys ever pay attention to restaurant logos and typography styles? As expected, I do... BIG time. My roommate and I once had a discussion about how we immediately judge restaurants by their awning font choices. Too far? Maybe, but I'm a font snob. My lovely sister recently forwarded this gem of an artist to me to do a post about, and I couldn't be more in love. She has literally done the logo and design work for ALL of my favorite restaurants in the city. So glad my sister and I have similar tastes. Always a good thing to have a fellow font snob -err- design junky to chat with. Check out more of Louise's work here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pantone Chip Magnets

Man oh man I LOVE creative people. This is one of the best DIY little projects I've seen this year, courtesy of the amazing How About Orange. VERY cute idea. I wish I still had my Pantone book from college. Blast!