Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Era Rocks

I may be biased due to the John Krasinski of it all, but DAMN this is good. This too. Well DONE, Brooklyn Brothers. Well done. Best part is when Alec runs up the stairs and shoots a glare at the camera. Classic.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vegas Vacation...

Is it girls weekend yet?? Friday cannot come soon enough!

Fruit Fly

I may just be in a weird mood, but I love these. These would look great with plants outside, or tucked between books and trinkets in a tall book shelf, no? They're just so round and hysterical. Of course the whale is my personal favorite. See more for yourself here at Fruit Fly's Etsy page.

Mini Bathroom Makeover

Maybe not an entire makeover, but my bathroom is a shoebox, so the littlest changes are big ones. This time, we're going a shade of Carolina blue. There are a zillion blue bathrooms out there, so sometimes its fun to just peruse others ideas and aesthetics and see what inspires you. My bathroom looks like an ugly step child compared to these beauties, but it's still fun to look. See lots more inspiration here.

Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy is the best. I seriously LOVE that place. I got out of work early on Friday and did a little stop in on my walk home... and that place is just buzzing with fun energy. I love everything in there. They definitely embody the idea that "simple is more". The whole store is top to bottom kitchen classics and essentials. And REALLY good quality at a seriously affordable price. Definitely a great go-to for any wedding registry needs. I saw this Mermaid Bottle Opener in there and really want it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Asbury Park

Old School Asbury Park is my inspiration today. Why, you ask? Well, I went home to New Jersey this past weekend to celebrate both Mother's Day and my Dad's birthday (poor guy get's trumped every year!) and while I was home we wound up going out in Asbury Park one night. I hadn't been there in YEARS, and being there seriously made me the happiest girl in the planet. SO much has changed (in a good way) and it really brought back a lot of memories for me. Guerilla shooting my high school music video projects in the condemned lots, dance recitals at the Convention Center, seeing my friends play at the Stone Pony on Sundays. Now, I realize my experiences aren't exactly what one thinks of when the term "old school" is used to describe Asbury Park, but these pictures from back in the day truly are enchanting, aren't they? For so long I've felt like this place has been a frozen-in-time ghost town. It's so iconic to me. Faded pastel paints, rusted boardwalk signs, the sun bleached boardwalk. It's kind of amazing. And please, don't get me started on the Bruce of it all. If you ever find yourself "down the shore", definitely take a trip to Asbury and walk around a bit. The town is really coming back, and it's drenched in history. Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bookshelf Porn

Yes, that's right. Not really much else to say besides I'm now obsessed with this blog. It's so nice to know that there are other crazies out there as fanatical about the colors, organization, layout, and grandeur of bookshelves as I am. Hilarious. See the rest of this blog here.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage Sea Life Prints

Summer can't come soon enough! A dear friend of mine just recently purchased a Hamptons shore house, and ever since he's been knee deep in renovations the last few weeks. From new floors to new landscaping, now comes the fun (yet equally stressful) part... decorating! Saw these prints today and it reminded me of something fun for his new place. Nothing says beach decor like vintage sea life prints, right?! See more of this collection here.