Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiled Walls & Backsplashes

One of my most favorite decorative trends. Tile backsplashes in kitchens are one of the most beautiful design choices I have seen. Whether using patterned tiles to accent a wall color, or using a mosaic as the centerpiece to a room, the tiled backsplash is both stylish and practical (thanks J!). And if you're the kind of cook I am, a mess is bound to happen. So instead of staining any of your walls while cooking, all these backdrops need is a wipe down.

Just recently I ate at La Focaccia in the West Village (great place!) with my favorite people, and they have the most beautiful blue pattern tiled wall in their kitchen. It was really quite striking and gave the restaurant such a nice feel. I was so happy to see this picture on Apartment Therapy! I got this picture as well as a few others from Apartment Therapy and Bungalow Bliss.

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