Thursday, September 15, 2011

OH REALLY, Parchment Post

Kids - lesson learned. The 6 month membership means cards come ONCE every THREE MONTHS. So in essence, you get a package twice, and that's it. Don't do what I did, which is blow, err, I mean, use them all up in one month. Spread the wealth out. Here's looking towards October!


  1. Hello!

    Thank you for being a Parchment Post subscriber and for writing about us on your lovely blog! I apologize for any confusion caused by the subscription length description, and appreciate your feedback. I will work on the wording in time for the upcoming package release. I am happy to send some additional cards your way in your next set, to help you...savor them a bit longer.


  2. Parchment Post: Not only a great idea and company, but fantastic customer service. Thank you so much for reading (and listening) and can't wait to receive the October happiness!